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William Latham

1990 July
  • Bruce Sterling Global Head Cover 1

Bruce Sterling. Science Fiction Author.

Sterling, who was interested in Latham’s mutation art, visited him at IBM whilst attending a Science Fiction Conference in Winchester in 1990. Sterling arrived at IBM unexpectedly and asked for Latham at reception. Latham was called and they spent the rest of the afternoon talking. This meeting resulted in Latham creating a book cover for the hard  back cover publication of Sterling’s Global Head which was first published in 1991. Global Head was a collection of short stories written by the author.

Bruce Sterling along with William Gibson was responsible for creating and defining the word Cyberpunk and is famous for his Science Fiction Novels. His first novel was Involution Ocean (published 1977), a science fiction novel, set on the fictional world of Nullaqua. He has also written for magazines such as SF Eye and fanzines such as Cheap Truth.