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William Latham

2013 October
  • Unknown

Professor Michael J. E. Sternberg

Professor Michael J. E. Sternberg is Head of Structural Bioinformatics at Imperial College, a leading research group, whose aim is to undertake bioinformatics-related research and education to improve understanding of living systems. Latham and Professor Leymarie have been working on this project for approximately four years. After initially working with Lawrence Kelly and Mike Jefferies, Latham and Leymare worked with Professor Sternberg on Gramification projects. In October 2013 they won a major BBSRC Grant to develop a cross sourced Protein Docking Game over a period of three years beginning in that month.

Professor Sternberg was a speaker at the Mutator 1+2 symposium which explored the boundaries between art and science. His presentation focussed on the role of visualisation in conveying complex information and ‘big data’ when exploring the dynamics and relationships between protein molecules and biological networks, acting as molecular machines.

For more information on the work of Professor Sternberg visit:- http://www.imperial.ac.uk/AP/faces/pages/read/Home.jsp?person=m.sternberg&_adf.ctrl-state=ct5suzhch_95&_afrRedirect=1216129106848000