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1979 July

The Ruskin School of Drawing Oxford University

William Latham studied for a BA in Fine Art at Christ Church, Oxford, from 1979-1982 in …

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1982 October

Royal College of Art

Latham became a Henry Moore Scholar and studied print-making at the Royal College of Art between …

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1986 November

State of the Art in Computer Art and Animation

Latham presented an original paper at the  BCS Computer Graphics and Displays Group and Computer Arts Society’s 20th …

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1987 May
Winch nave ceiling

IBM UK Scientific Centre

William joins IBM UK Scientific Centre as a Research Fellow in May 1987 in Winchester.

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1988 October

Richard Dawkins Talks at The Conquest of Form

Richard Dawkins attended and gave a talk at Latham’s exhibition The Conquest of Form at the …

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1988 December

The Conquest of Form: Computer Art by William Latham

William Latham solo exhibition at the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, 3rd  December 1988 – 15th  January 1989. …

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1990 November

The Empire of Form

William Latham solo exhibition opens at the O Art Museum, Tokyo, November – December 1990. Major …

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1992 July

Evolutionary Art and Computers

Evolutionary Art and Computers is a book written by William Latham and Stephen Todd. The book …

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1993 April
image3 organic Art

Computer Artworks Ltd.

Computer Artworks was founded by Latham in 1993. It began working mainly with film, TV and …

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1993 October

The Shamen

Whilst still at IBM, Latham was approached by the manager of The Shamen to produce album …

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1994 March
Organic TV A

Organic Television a Multi-Screen video Installation at Festival Hall

William Latham’s Organic Television a multi-screen video installation at London Festival Hall, 29th March – 24th …

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1999 October

Evolutionary Design by Computers

Evolutionary Design By Computers Edited by Peter J. Bentley. Includes chapters by Todd and Latham and Karl …

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2005 September

Leeds Metropolitan University

From 2005-2006, William Latham was Professor of Creative Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University.

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2007 September


In 2007 William Latham became Professor of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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2013 September

Mutator 1 + 2: Evolutionary Art by William Latham

William Latham solo exhibition at The Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, 7 September- 13 October. Curated by Sue …

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2013 September

Mutator 1+2 Preview

Photographs from the preview of Mutator 1+2 Evolutionary Art by William Latham. Photograph from the preview …

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2013 September
WL_Organic TV 6.9.13_cS

Phoenix Gallery Exterior Projections

At night the exterior of the gallery is used for projections at the Mutator 1 + …

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2013 September

Mutator 1+2 Symposium

A one day symposium, held at The Phoenix Gallery, to explore the boundaries between art and …

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2013 September

Evolutionary Drawing Workshop

Coinciding with the Mutator 1 + 2 exhibition at Phoenix Brighton, Latham contextualised his evolutionary drawings …

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2013 October
Brighton and Hove-20131005-00077 (1)

Live Coding Workshop

Live coding workshop hosted by Stephen Todd, Peter Todd and William Latham and held at the …

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