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1980 January

Influences from Russian Constructivism

Latham was strongly influenced by the artistic systems and processes employed by Russian Constructivist artists such …

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1980 April

Influenced by Naom Gabo

Latham was influenced by the work of Constructivist sculptor Naum Gabo. The theory behind Gabo’s work …

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1980 July

Influenced by Krafwerk

William Latham was influenced by Kraftwerk’s album Computer World. The album explores themes associated with the …

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1980 October

Kenneth Martin

William Latham was taught by painter and sculptor Kenneth Martin whilst studying at the Ruskin School …

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1981 July

Marcel Duchamp

Latham was influenced by the work of Marcel Duchamp.

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1982 April

Preoccupation with Evolution

An ongoing preoccupation with evolution runs through much of Latham’s work. It is apparent in his …

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1982 October

The Fractal Geometry of Nature

In this book Benoit B. Mandelbrot presents his theory of fractals to describe the shapes of …

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1983 January

Influences from the Natural World

Latham was inspired by natural systems and how they often relied on the repetition of very …

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1984 April

Keith Critchlow

Latham was strongly influenced by the work of his PhD supervisor Keith Critchlow who, despite Latham’s …

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1984 July

Stiny and March

Latham was inspired by the shape transformation rules devised by Stiny and March.

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1984 October

Keith Harring

Latham was influenced by the artistic style of Keith Harring

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1985 January

Tantric Art

Latham’s FormSynth drawings and oriental etchings were influenced by the visual imagery of Tantric Art.

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1986 April

Richard Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker

Dawkins’ book The Blind Watchmaker was published in 1986 providing an argument for the theory of …

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1987 May

Return to Renaissance Art

The experimental work carried out during Latham’s time at the IBM Scientific Research Centre represented a …

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1987 August

Samuel Palmer

Whilst working at IBM Latham was influenced by the etchings of the 19th Century artist Samuel …

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1988 January

Influences from Nature

A preoccupation with nature inspired Latham’s work throughout his career and is especially apparent in the …

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1988 October

Rembrandt’s Lighting Models

Latham’s use of lighting in his works was inspired by the lighting models of Rembrandt. Rembrandt,¬†Self …

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1989 January


The textures of Latham’s works are inspired by the artistic technique of frottage employed by the …

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1989 October


A seasonal inspiration that influenced the forms in some of William Latham’s Mutator works.

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1990 April

Celtic Influences

Strong influence of Celtic Art in the serpentine forms created by Latham at IBM.

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1991 January

Rorschach Ink Blot Test

The Rorschach Ink Blot Test is a psychological test whereby subjects perceptions of the shapes made …

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1991 April


Latham was inspired by shapes and forms that he found aesthetically pleasing. One such shape being …

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1991 July

1990s Rave Culture

Latham’s work built up a cult following in the rave and club scene.

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1992 January

Rococo and Baroque Style

The shapes and forms of Latham’s works were informed by those of the Rococo and Baroque …

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1994 March

H.R. Giger

Science fiction was an ongoing influence in Latham’s work.¬†Surrealist H.R. Giger’s science fiction designs for Ridley …

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2013 July

John Cage

Latham was influence by John Cage’s work, As Slow As Possible, the longest piece of organ …

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