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1985 January

FormSynth Basic Program

Programmed in BBC Basic the computer gave William randomly selected drawing instructions from the Form Synth …

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1987 April


CSG solid modelling software developed by Peter Quarendon in collaboration with John Woodwark at the IBM …

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1987 April

Extensible Solid Model Editor (ESME)

Developed by Stephen Todd at the IBM UK Scientific Centre, a rapid prototyping tool for 3D …

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1987 May

Mutator 1

Developed by William Latham and Stephen Todd, with Todd doing the software development. Mutator is a …

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1987 October

FormGrow Grammar

The Form Grow program is a form generation system written in the geometric programming language ESME. …

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1992 February
Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 14.30.53

Karl Sims

Karl Sims similarly employed Richard Dawkins Blind Watchmaker approach in his graphics software and movies, extending …

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1993 January

House Mutator

Stephen Todd and William Latham apply the evolutionary techniques for evolving Mutation Art to design starting …

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1993 April

Perfume Mutator

The House Mutator developed by Stephen Todd and William Latham is extended to evolve designs for …

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1995 June
3465718722_fb81b26802 Organic Art

Organic Art PC

Following leaving IBM, William rapidly took his work in a commercial direction, and having set up …

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2000 September


The critically acclaimed computer game Evolva, produced by Latham’s company Computer Artworks Ltd., was published by Interplay Entertainment …

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2002 August

The Thing

Increasingly William’s work was becoming more and more games industry focused and based on his old …

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2013 June
FormGrow2 Mutator2 Coiled Form 3


New Mutator2 interface in style of Mutator 1, working in browser with real time shadows.

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